Chief Salerno lit the “Shamash” or service candle, which is lit first from which the other candles are to be lit. Rabbi Paltiel explained the symbolism of this is the fact that as dedicated public servants, the police district serves the people and illuminates their lives through providing safety and security.  

School Board President Karen Sloan lit the two lights for the second night of Chanukah. She was honored to light the menorah this year in connection with the recent swastika which was scribbled onto a bathroom wall in recent weeks. The menorah lighting was therefore dedicated to the theme of “Shine away the hate” and Karen was honored as representative of the school district in recognition of their efforts to crack down upon the hateful behavior that took place. 

From left to right:

Chief James Salerno, Rabbi Shalom Paltiel, Sara Paltiel, & Karen Sloan, President of the Port Washington School Board.