On June 28th, 2017 the Port Washington Police District held its annual awards ceremony at Atlantic Hook & Ladder on Carlton Avenue. Meritorious and Command Recognition awards were given to Department Members for their exceptional work in 2016.

Meritorious Police Service AwardMay be awarded to a member who distinguishes themselves by meritorious achievement, act, or service to the Department which is performed in a manner beyond normal expectations in similar circumstances, or by taking appropriate action in an unusual or hazardous circumstance wherein the Officer is responsible for bringing an incident to a successful conclusion.

Honorees: Detective Michael Alberti, Detective Domenico Morrocu, Police Officer Daniel Guido, Police Scott Wood

Command RecognitionMay be awarded to a member who in the line of duty, performs a task in an exemplary manner, thereby displaying alertness, efficiency, and dedication to duty.

Honorees: Sergeant Nicholas Dello-Iacono, Detective Michael Alberti, Detective Domenico Morrocu, Police Officer Nicholas Cangemi, Police Officer Charles Kouvel, Police Officer Jordan Sichel, Police Officer John Steadman, Police Officer Scott Wood.

(Pictured L-R): Assistant Chief Jeffrey Morris, Deputy Chief Robert Del Muro, Police Commissioner’s Angela Lawlor Mullins, James Duncan, Police Officer’s Charles Kouvel, Jordan Sichel, Nicholas Cangemi, Detective Domenico Morrocu, Chief James Salerno.