Port Washington Police Chief James Salerno and Police Commissioner Angela Lawlor Mullins would like to remind young people to make responsible choices on prom night.

To ensure everyone has a safe prom night, parents and guardians need to talk with their teens regarding prom safety.
Tips for Parents
• Know and discuss the School code of conduct before the prom with your child.
• Does the school code of conduct extend to off-site functions that have been approved by the school?
• Know who your child is attending the prom with and discuss the events for pre and post prom parties with other parents.
• Discuss the dangers of drinking and driving. New York State law mandates arrest and license revocation/suspension of any person under twenty-one driving with .02% or more Blood Alcohol Content. (One drink!)
• Talk with your child about the dangers of club drugs, warning signs and who to notify for assistance.
• Pre-plan and role-play answers that your child can use to get out of uncomfortable situations. (e.g., offered alcohol, getting a ride from an intoxicated driver, unwanted sexual advances, etc.)
• Discuss guidelines and a curfew. Discuss the consequences of violating these rules.
• Discuss travel plans, use a reputable limousine service that will not allow a person to bring, serve or introduce alcohol into the vehicle.
• Know who is driving to the prom and who will be a passenger. Limit the number of passengers to increase safety and reduce driver distractions.
• Know the location of post prom parties and who is sponsoring them.
• Talk to your teenager about the serious dangers and consequences of underage drinking and driving.
• If your child’s’ plans change, confirm the change with the parents of other children.
• Remind your child that you are there for them, if they need a ride home or to an after prom affair.

Involved Parenting is the Best Prevention! Parents remain a powerful influence in fostering healthy teen development and preventing negative outcomes.

Tips for Teens
• Alcohol is illegal for persons under the age of twenty-one underage drinking is illegal and can result in arrest, injury, or worse!
• Don’t let friends’ drink and drive.
• Plan ahead—make sure you have a safe plan for prom night.
• Discuss your plans with your friends; remind each other about responsible decision-making and confronting peer pressure.
• Do not accept any drinks from someone you do not know. If you leave your drink, discard it and get a new one.
• Do not leave your possessions unattended.
• Learn the warning signs for alcohol poisoning and drug intoxication, contact 911 for assistance and immediate treatment.
• Take extra money or have a responsible person available for transportation for a safe ride home or in case an emergency arises.
• Remember to charge your cell phone and have it with you.
• Know where you are and where you are going; keep your parents and friends informed.
• Trust your instincts, if you feel endangered or uncomfortable, leave immediately.
• Intoxication by alcohol or drugs can lead to poor judgment and dangerous situations.
• Remember to contact your parents if your plans change.
• Practice and discuss answers you can use to get out of uncomfortable situations.
• Do not allow anyone in your car or limo that has drugs or weapons. It is dangerous and everyone in the car is at risk of getting arrested.
• It is illegal to alter your drivers’ license or any other form of government identification.